(JS875) Recruitment Consultant - isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

Recruitment Consultant - Isle of Wight
East Cowes, Newport, Cowes, Isle of Wight 

Whats On Offer: 
-Fully structured promotional & financial pathway – from recruiter to Manager 
- Full training & development ongoing pathway – supported by world leading sales & development platforms 
- High end market - Commission scheme 
- Fun & Supportive culture, incentivised & rewarding work environment 

Work in a great industry that tests and evolves you, a career that yeilds endless on going challenges, and yeilds endless rewards

We are well established recruitment service provider. 

The Role & Responsibilities - You will specialise and take full ownership of providing 360 recruitment solutions 
-Business Development & Account Management 
-Lead & data cultivation 
-Marketing & Promoting – Producing Video Content, Writing & publishing articles & Small Ebooks 
- Searching, Sourcing, Attracting, Seducing, influencing & negotiating - Search and selection of new candidates & CV Sourcing 
- Interview & Selection 
- Advert writing & Social Media Management 
- Working to clearly defined key performance indicators. 
- Consulting & Problem Solving 

The role is ideal for 

This role is ideal for someone who is driven to provide real value & solutions in an exciting but challenging market, you exhibit an ongoing learning attitude, you consistently yearn to provide more value in your market & alongside earn more. 

If have a relentless ambitious attitude, you are motivated and hungry to improve all areas of your life from this great industry. 

You will be a great listener, target driven, motivated, promoter, Influencer & negotiator passionate about learning self-development & driven by providing service solutions to a specialist niche of people, someone who is ambitious enough to push there earning potential, every month to a higher level. 

You will be able to handle & commit to the pressure to meet daily, weekly monthly & annual targets, that will provide the input the business needs and in return you will yeild the financial, & development rewards from all your contributions.

Career Growth 

We have a clear long term career growth path for the person who wants to learn develop & earn more > Consultant, Senior Consultant > Team Manager. 

Nucleus do not discriminate on race, disability, religious or sexual orientation, we welcome people from all back grounds, Nucleus Recruit on Attitude and learning capability 

Interview Process 

If you are invited for Interview, we have a 3 stage instense process